3 admins

Allow up to 3 admins to help manage the team and split the workload.

Attendance stats

Keep track of how many games and practices players attended and play.

RSVP Notes

Leaving early, arriving late or on ? Get answers from team members at a glance.

Document sharing

Share Word, PDF and Excels easily and make them always accessible from anywhere.

Manual reminders

Send powerful, instant reminders to players who haven’t yet RSVPd.

Unlimited admins

Let an unlimited number of admins manage the team.

RSVP update notifications

Get notified when players set RSVPs and when they drop out last minute.

Desktop access

Manage your team and your schedule from your computer.

Payments Tracking

Keep it all in one place, know who's paid and remind those who haven't.

All of Standard

Track attendance statistics, RSVP Notes, Document sharing and Manual RSVP reminders.

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Attendance stats
RSVP Notes
Document sharing
Manual RSVP reminders
RSVP updates notifications
Desktop access
Payments tracking
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